We believe that in surrounding ourselves with the best, will allow us to bring you the best.

When looking for people to work with at different levels in the health and fitness industry we just don’t pick someone based off of what a piece of paper says. We find people that not only have the credentials, but the shear willingness to help others succeed and get better. The biggest thing we have in common with our partners and affiliates is that we genuinely want to help people better their lives.

Dr. Karen Morgan

Karen Morgan Physical Therapy

With over 25 years of PT experience Dr. Morgan is our go to for physical therapy. Karen is not only extremely proficient in her field, but she deep down cares about people getting better. She uses top of the line techniques and approaches that set people on a road to recovery and improving their overall wellness.

If you are experiencing any of the following make an effort to get in with Karen:

  • Impaired movement and/or movement with pain.
  • Pain lasting more than 3 months (chronic pain).
  • Looking at alternative methods to delay or avoid surgery.

Contact Info:

  • Website: www.kmdpt.com
  • Phone: 360-383-5045
  • Email: karen@kmdpt.com

Courtney Reeves

Jurrassic Snacks

Having a hard time getting up and prepping all those healthy meals to stay on point? Courtney Reeves and her business Jurrassic Snacks have found a solution that will help you stay on track and better accomplish your goals. Not only will Jurrassic Snacks cook and package all of your meals, they will bring them right to your doorstep! If you want nutritous and great tasting custom meals, look no further!

Courtney being an NPC bikini competitor knows what it takes to stay on point. On top of that, she deeply cares for everyone and is an absolutely great person! Check them out and get your nutrition on track!

Contact Info:

  • Website: www.jurassicsnacks.com
  • Email: courtney@jurassicsnacks.com