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Group Fitness Training

Our Group Fitness Training classes have been designed to incorporate a mix of strength and cardiovascular exercise. By doing this we allow people to completely transform their bodies by allowing them to gain strength through the use of weights and maximizing the amount of calories burned through the intensity. We have taken the best of both worlds and put them into one, proven and tested, customized program.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.  -- James Cash Penny

Our goal is to provide functional fitness to our members, so that they can put the work in at the gym and make their lives easier outside doing the things they love. We embrace perfect form and safety in all our workouts, making the environment challenging and very fun!

We scale the workouts so that you can go at your own pace without holding anyone back or feeling pressured to go faster and compromise your safety.  Our Group Training Program is a great fit for those who want to lose weight, gain strength, and increase their lean muscle and definition.   After a few months of training no matter where your fitness level is at when you started, we guarantee you will be ready for your first 5k, 10k, obstacle racing event, or even your first Marathon!

We have members in their 60’s who are doing pull-ups for the first time in their lives after completing our Group Training Program… The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself, and we will obliterate them.

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Strength Training

You will see this isn’t a bootcamp (it’s even better) It is a specialized personal training program designed to stjen.-before_-after-1 (1).pngrip body fat and get you lean and tight in record time.

I’ve created these with the specific purpose of putting you in a fat burning zone for 24 hours each day (even when you are sleeping.)

The pain you feel today is the strength you'll feel tomorrow.

One year from today you could be burning an additional 3500 calories per week while you sleep if you follow a few simple nutritional and workout guidelines.  (Just to let you know 3500 calories are how many calories are in 1 lb. of fat.)

We think you will see some crazy results (like 2-4 inches gone and down 2-3 sizes) insanely fast.  And because this is group personal training (and not bootcamp) we have to limit the number of clients we accept.

Take Jen for example.  Jenn stopped putting it off and check out how amazing she looks!  She has completely transformed her body since we started training and it has changed her life. (Jen Phot

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Personal Training

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your lipersonal_trainingA-1-1024x683-2.jpgmits.

Why do many people FAIL at weight loss efforts and end up right back where they were when they started, or worse – fatter? Has it happened to you? After years of trial and error I have finally solved the problem once and for all. You see there are 4 main reasons people never reach their goals, I call them “fail factors.”

  • Your goals are probably un-realistic and so you’re already setting yourself up for failure.
  • You’re unprepared. Sure you have a general idea that you want to lose weight. But you most likely do not have a game plan, or realistic timeline.
  • Your goals are unclear.
  • You lack support. Because the going WILL GET TOUGH and your support system is what will see you though to your goal.

With our Private training program is in place to make sure you succeed and overcome each one of these fail factors. We will set a realistic goal and time frame to keep you 100% on track, when you train with us you can be unprepared because we design each workout to fit your current fitness and lifestyle goals. Speaking of goals many people only have the end goal in mind which is why 90% of people fail on their fitness journey. When you train with us we will be setting new goals each week, and be checking progress weekly not monthly. Our support system is incredible. When you leave the gym you are not on your own. You will have access to your trainer 24/7 to make sure you have the support you need to be successful.

We personally guarantee you will reach that healthy and lean body you have been working towards, and you will keep it forever.

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