What I love most about the Lab is that all fitness levels are welcome. The trainers are great at offering modifications or suggestions to make it work for you. Prepare for the workout of your life! I have taught group fitness classes, ran marathons, and been active for most of my adult life—but I have never been in as good of shape as I am now. Down 4 dress sizes since starting with Lab Athletics! The nutrition counseling has been irreplaceable, and significantly changed the way I think about food. There is great comraderie between members, everyone is so encouraging! I also work full time as a Physical Therapist Assistant and teach kinesiology classes. I can personally vouch that all of the trainers offer safe, effective exercises with no negative orthopedic issues. I wouldn’t work out here if this wasn’t the case. Well done, Lab Athletics, well done. - Lisa Nau
By far this has to be the number one place to get fit and healthy! The trainers are like family, everyone from all different walks of life getting real results! I am blown away by my results after only 6 weeks... down 14 pounds and 3% body fat! They really know what they are doing, they work with you individually as well as provide you with meal plans! My best friend and I have talked about working out for about 3 years, we finally started the challenge at Lab Athletics and they made working out fun! We are staying with them to continue our journey to a better healthy lifestyle. We love our lab family! -Christina “LadyStina” Ingals
Man!!!! This gym I awesome, I lost 26lbs in 6 weeks following Jakes plan. I feel great! Thanks lab. -Corey Villa
Just finished my 6 week challenge. Lost 10 pounds and gained so much strength and confidence! The Lab is an amazing place to work out! The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable. I love the accountability and encouragement from the group classes! If you want to get in shape and have fun doing it, this is the place to do it!!! -Carrie Van Den Top
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE This place!! I Learned so much at Lab Athletics. Definitely worth your money and staff is super knowledgeable and friendly and super supportive if you’re lacking anywhere best part about it, is it’s a very fun and motivational environment. I love how all the staff remembers names and faces. Definitely recommend Lab Athletics!! 
-Sabreena Patel
A HUGE THANK YOU to Jake Brog and Yehleen Ebbay and all the trainers at Lab Athletics! At 54 I would never have imagined finding my strongest and most fit body and mind through such simple lifestyle changes! I didn’t know I had 23 lbs and 20% body fat to lose! That was eight pounds and 5% 
past my goals! 

 Still, the reduction in weight was not why I came to you. I came because my job can be very physical and I was told “Get strong now, or keep getting injured!” In my work I need to be able to move quickly, squat, and lift up to 50 pounds if needed at the drop of a hat. Doesn’t sound like a tall order but as time has marched on I’ve watched my strength and fitness level shift dramatically-not in a good direction.  
I knew what I needed to do but had no idea how to start. Thankfully I found Lab Athletics! And despite my physical challenges and needs, you welcomed me with a “can do, body positive, welcoming and inclusive” safe space to work at my own pace and toward my personal best. With your guidance I was able to: set realistic goals; begin a safe, nutritionist developed, simple and balanced nutrient rich meal plan that can be used eating in or out; and feel consistently encouraged, inspired and supported in a fun, safe, inclusive community!  

Clearly I am a dedicated fan of Lab Athletics! All of the trainers are experts and are equally engaging and fun! I am well supported in each class I attend. The trainers are ready and able to help me adapt any exercise my body can’t -or isn’t ready- to do. When I leave I feel successful, refreshed and stronger! After my now 3 months working out with you I have been amazed thinking about when I started and how far I’ve come. In the beginning, I wasn’t able to do even one push-up or pull myself up on a bar. Now among many accomplishments, I CAN do 50 adapted pull-ups and 15 real push-ups without other supports!  

Thank you Jake Brog and Yehleen Ebbay and all of the trainers (Lor, Bri, Bethany and Nathan) for providing the welcoming and inclusive space at Lab Athletics. You welcome and celebrate everyone –everyone, with all of our differences and needs. And on the most personal note, thank you for inspiring and leading me in this part of my next journey in life. I’m now truly living my life with a central focus on overall personal strength, health and well-being in both my mind and body. I’m now even more excited for the next 50 years!!!❤️-  Jen Mallett
I would highly reccomend Lab Athletics! I've never enjoyed the gym culture until I found this place! The instructors are amazing. They are attentive, helpful, and always willing to modify an exercise to work for you. I thought it would be intimidating starting out but it was so welcoming and comfortable. I am so happy I joined the lab family! -Angie N.
Finished the 6 week challenge and it feels so amazing!!! I’m so thankful for all of the trainers that I got to work with for helping me get ready for my first Tough Mudder race! I was able to complete the 10 mile race, lose weight, feel stronger, healthier and energetic. I trained at different times with different trainers and never once felt like any of them lacked in 6 weeks. The workouts were always diverse and challenging enough to keep me pushing through. They were so welcoming and accommodating every class that I was always excited regardless of who was training us that day. Thank you again Lab Athletics for the past 6 weeks, they were awesome!  -Dira Greys
The community at Lab Athletics is so welcoming and fun! The workouts are tough but can be modified per your ability and needs. The trainers are always willing to help you with your form and encourage you to push yourself by adding more weight. I would recommend them 100 times over! -Bre Osborn
Trainers are very knowledgable and are able to work with people that are at different fitness levels. I have limitations due to past injuries and the staff can adjust exercises that work for me. Thanks LAB ATHLETICS!!! -George Greer

I started up at the lab in January of 2018 and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the trainers and community are unrivaled. The care, commitment, and belief that the staff show towards everyone's personal goals is inspiring and uplifting on so many levels. They make it easy to wake up in the morning and go get a workout in 5 days a week, no matter what else is going on. They give definition to what a family is. There is no better facility and group of people. -Marcus Sebia

Caring, fun people. First time I have ever enjoyed working out! - Gail Lober
Is it cliche to say that this place has changed my life? I've been keeping track and I burn at least 2x and most of the time 3x the calories that I would working out by myself. 
Not to mention that I get far more out of the Group Fitness Training in ways I didn't anticipate...You would expect AWESOME trainers, but the people who go here are an inspiration as well. -Brian Gass
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